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Audit services

If your business is having the following needs:

  • You are in need of using an audit service at a reasonable price but must ensure quality;
  • You need experts to detect errors and/or frauds in the accounting system and financial statements of the business or its partners in Mergers & Acquisitions transactions.
  • You need experts who can give independent and insightful views on your internal control system, thereby suggesting reasonable improvements;
  • You want to ensure that the financial statements are submitted on time as required by the state and/or the headquarters;
  • You want to have the Audited Report presented according to International Standards IFRS, US GAP … or according to the standards of the Headquarters in foreign countries;
  • You want to know the tax risks your business might face;
  • You want to finalize the construction works and need a reputable report for the investor to accept the payment of completed works.

Why us?

Professional team

With a team of knowledgeable professionals with practical experience for over 17 years, we ensure the service can achieve the highest efficiency for your business.

Reasonable rates

We always listen to our customers’ requests about service fees, and are committed to providing our customers with the most affordable prices.


Besides the core values, we always try to create more value for our customers through activities such as regularly consulting on accounting, tax, internal control, free provision of current regulations updates in the form of electronic newsletters, and webinars.


We understand the importance of secure, so we build a tight system to uphold our commitment.


We always understand the scope of audit services at the request of our customers and are committed to providing services in a timely and effective manner, consistent with the time frame proposed by customers. Our audit and examine services include:

  • Auditing financial statements according to Vietnamese and International accounting standards.
  • Audit of basic construction;
  • Consolidated financial report;
  • Financial statements for consolidation of the Incorporation.
  • Financial statements according to International standards.
  • Examine for special purposes;
  • Examine financial information for Mergers & Acquisitions purposes.
  • Examine or audit the internal management system.
  • Examine according to pre-agreed procedures.

Meet the experts

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