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Establish a company is the first step to lay the foundations for starting your business as well as developing and expanding in the future. When establishing a company, you will be supported by the business registration agency. You can do the work of setting up a company by going to the business registration office directly. However, if you do not understand the procedures and regulations, it will take you much time to edit the dossiers and travel many times to complete this and sometimes it’s not what you expected.

With 16 years of operation, ROYAL VIETNAM has provided services to more than 15,000 businesses in Vietnam. We help you set up your company quickly; your job is to choose the company name, company type, business lines as required. As for ROYAL VIETNAM, we will consult, prepare, submit, and deliver the business registration certificate to your home and office.

Our services:

  • Registration of establishment of enterprises, branches, representative offices of investment projects of foreign investors in Vietnam;
  • Registration of establishment of domestic companies, registration of branches, representative offices and business locations of enterprises;
  • Consult and carry out procedures for adjusting enterprise registration contents and investment project contents;
  • Consult and implement procedures for transferring capital with foreign elements; revise the transfer contract of contributed capital and the contract of transfer of shares.
  • Advise and support the implementation of procedures for terminating investment activities in Vietnam.

Finance, an integral part of your business operations, is the daily resource management for your company. Your company may have substantial financial resources or financial risks that you cannot handle on your own, but for your company to survive and thrive for long, you must still seek advice from professionals with experience in this area.

With extensive knowledge, knowledge of corporate finance, and the Vietnamese legal system, ROYAL VIETNAM consultants can assist you in planning, managing, and handling related risks to the finances of your company. Our experts will take the time to understand your needs, based on which offers solutions to best match your needs.

Our services:

  • Advice on cash flows and analyze the effectiveness of investments.
  • Consult on the merger, dissolution of businesses.
  • Consult on corporate financial restructuring.
  • Consult on corporate valuation.
  • Investment advisory.

Personal income tax is calculated based on wages, allowances, or other sources of income. Besides, PIT is calculated based on different provisions of law. Therefore, individuals and organizations have difficulty in solving this tax problem most efficiently and accurately.

Our professional personnel with extensive experience in personal income tax services will provide you with a quick and straightforward solution to save your time.

Our services:

  • Consult and declare PIT monthly, quarterly.
  • Prepare dossiers of declaration for PIT finalization.

The establishment of labor contracts, registration of social insurance, construction of payroll scale, notice of increase or decrease of employees participating in social insurance, monitor of cards for medical examination and treatment with health insurance, settlement of social insurance, maternity insurance… is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive task for non-professional employees that may affect the benefits of employees participating in insurance and employers.

Handle complicated and difficult specific cases of labor law, social insurance is a regular professional work of ROYAL VIETNAM, ensuring that customers always receive the most effective and appropriate solution.

Our services:

  • Advice on labor laws, including drafting and reviewing labor contracts, collective labor agreements, and advice on labor-related issues.
  • Advice on issues of foreign workers in Vietnam, such as supporting the implementation of visa procedures, work permits, temporary residence, social insurance, etc.
  • Consultancy on optimization of salary costs and salary-based insurance (social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational accident insurance).
  • Registration of social insurance registration for the first time.
  • Regular social insurance services.

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