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Taxation services

Challenges your business are facing:

  • Have not finalized tax for years, and are about to be finalized;
  • Want to standardize the tax, and accounting system, reduce risks and ease the management of businesses;
  • Chief accountant or accounting staff changing continuously;
  • You want to complete the books and tax obligations before transferring the capital and shares of the Business to other investors;
  • You want to examine the accounting books of the Business that you bought or are about to repurchase;
  • The cost of tax compliance of the Business is out of control;
  • You are concerned about the risk of your Business’s reputation due to failure to fully comply with Government regulations;
  • You want to identify the effects of affiliate transactions early and comply with the regulations, reduce risks and ease the management of businesses;

Why us?

Professional team

With a team of knowledgeable professionals with practical experience for over 17 years, we ensure the service can achieve the highest efficiency for your business.

Reasonable rates

We always listen to our customers’ requests about service fees, and are committed to providing our customers with the most affordable prices.


Besides the core values, we always try to create more value for our customers through activities such as regularly consulting on accounting, tax, internal control, free provision of current regulations updates in the form of electronic newsletters, and webinars.


We understand the importance of secure, so we build a tight system to uphold our commitment.

  • Assess, estimate risks and establish solutions for businesses;
  • Minimize expenses excluded from tax finalization;
  • Complete the shortcomings and standardize the tax and accounting system of the business;
  • Understand the essential issues that serve for accounting handover;
  • Help business owners have a deeper understanding of their businesses and the work of financial institutions, accounting, and taxation in the future.
  • Value-added tax services:
    • Declare monthly VAT;
    • Consultancy to prepare VAT refund dossiers;
  • Personal income tax service:
    • Monthly PIT declaration;
    • Prepare yearly PIT calculation sheet;
    • Prepare annual PIT finalization report;
  • Corporate income tax service:
    • Declare temporarily CIT that submit monthly;
    • Prepare annual CIT sheet;
    • Prepare the annual CIT finalization report;
  • Evaluate the compliance with tax obligations of CIT, value-added tax, foreign contractor tax, and personal income tax.
    • Detect errors in tax declaration and advice on making early adjustment declarations to minimize the risk of penalties;
    • Advice on options in case of unclear regulations;
    • Identify tax cost savings opportunities and advise on how to actualization these opportunities;
    • Advice on how your business can improve in tax compliance system;
    • Equipe the information/knowledge you need to protect your views when working with tax authorities.
  • Consult on set up associated transaction documents.
    • Construct report of business results by function for all units related to the transaction to be analyzed.
    • Comparative analysis of transfer pricing methods can be applied to determine the most effective option for clients.
    • Conduct a comprehensive search of comparable companies according to commercial databases and other databases in the market.
    • Review the transfer pricing methods to determine the most effective option and develop the selected option.
    • Prepare all supporting documents to comply with the tax authorities’ requirements.
    • Consider implementing other necessary procedures to protect the selected price determination method, and at the same time, establishing an appropriate accounting voucher system.
  • Other tax advisory services at the request of clients.

Meet the experts

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