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Hoàng Văn Hưng

Chủ tịch


Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Accounting – Auditing and a Master of Economics from Ho Chi Minh City University of Finance. Moreover, he is a member of organizations for businesses in Vietnam, such as BNI, ActionCoach, and Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (CPA). With over 16 years of experience, Mr. Hung is an expert in establishing a professional accounting system. Moreover, he advised hundreds of foreign-invested companies established in Vietnam.

2013 - Seven Creative

We made our first commercial website

2014 - Local Business Conference

International Web Design Agency / Developer Award Winner

2017 - Awwwards

Site of the day - lorem ipsum dolor glavrida

2020 - Small Business Awards

Project is featured in "Best 10 Websites" section.


Online sevices
3 years
Finance management
5 years
10 years
12 years


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