Accounting Services

What we do


Bookeeping and make financial statement

Perform daily recording of transactions in accounting software such as misa, 3T, fast… Recording of arising transactions is based on compliance with VAS – IFRS accounting standards (if applicable) and comply with tax regulations to help businesses accurately reflect the nature of operations arising according to each type of business.


Support converting from VAS to IFRS standards

When completing the accounting records of transactions arising. At the end of each month or quarter, we prepare financial reports according to VAS standards, and also support multinational enterprises in converting reports from VAS standards to Group reports or IFRS standards (if any).


Support for accouting software

Royal Vietnam, we can assist multinational companies in choosing the appropriate accounting software for each type of business. Choosing the right accounting software will simplify the accounting process, make financial information clearer, easily control data reporting to the parent company, and save time.


Finance transformation

Information regarding accounting data is the basis for making financial decisions about investment and business expansion in Vietnam. Royal always provides the highest quality services to ensure the accuracy of accounting information, always accompanying and supporting clients to make appropriate and correct choices.

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