Due Diligence services

What we do


Financial due diligence

Analyze the company’s financial statements and financial indicators including: Balance sheet, business results, cash flow reports to evaluate the Company’s business situation over many years and make assessments and recommendations on the Company’s future development prospects


Tax due diligence

Royal Vietnam will review the Company’s tax compliance situation including: VAT, personal income tax, corporate income tax and other related taxes (if any). At the same time, we will provide tax penalty risks (if any), solutions and recommendations to minimize tax risks.


Legal due diligence

During the legal review process, we will find out the legal basis of the transaction, find out all legal issues related to the operation of the target business. At the same time, assist in drafting contracts when implementing a deal, reviewing the legal nature of loans, ownership of real estate, and labor to evaluate the legality as well as risks encountered after make the deal.


Commercial due diligence

Considers a company’s market share and competitive positioning, including its future prospects and growth opportunities. This will consider the company’s supply chain from vendors to customers, market analysis, sales pipeline, and R&D pipeline. This can also encompass a firm’s overall operations, including management, human resources, and IT.

Due diligence process