Audit and Assurance services

What we do


Audit financial statement in VAS

At Royal Vietnam, audit services must ensure the honesty and objectivity of financial reports issued by competent organizations and agencies. Ensure audit reports comply with laws, regulations and provisions in the audited entity’s financial management in accordance with accounting standards, and relevant tax regulations issued


Audit financial statement in IFRS standards

In addition to assurance audit services according to VAS standards (applied in Vietnam), Royal Vietnam also applies assurance audit services according to IFRS standards accordig to request by international corporations. Audit reports according to IFRS standards released by Royal Vietnam can be widely used around the world.


Audit project finalization

Our team of audit experts can support with audit services to finalize completed projects. The audit report of the completed project is issued by Royal on the basis of compliance with basic construction audit standards prescribed by the Ministry of Finance, which is the basis for businesses to make decisions on approval project completion value.


Audit for Mergers & Acquisitions purposes

We realize that when carrying out M&A activities, one of the issues to consider is the target company’s financial accounting system. At Royal Vietnam, we can fully provide this audit service for M&A purposes to take place faster, better and with higher quality.

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