Official 23568/CTBDU on changing depreciation time fixed assets

According to official 23568/CTBDU-THTT dated 6 October 2023, the depreciation time of fixed assets must be fixed upon at least in one annual accounting period and reviewed at least at the end of each fiscal year. When the Company changes the depreciation time of fixed assets, it must explain the reasons and effects of change in the notes to the financial statements.

The time for depreciation of fixed assets must be within the time frame for depreciation of types of fixed assets in Appendix I issued according to Circular No. 45/2013/TT-BTC dated 25 April 2013 of the Ministry of Finance and does not change production and business results from profit to loss or reverse in the year of decision to change.

Please see attached letter for details: Cong van 23568-CTBDU thay doi thoi gian trich khau hao